Quiz: Test Your IQ With This Quiz!
Test Your IQ With This Quiz!
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Do you think you're smart? Of course you do! You KNOW you're smart. You were always the kid with his hand up. The one who blurts out the answer because you just can't bottle it up. You munch through books like a true bookworm, or, like the robot in "Short Circuit," flipping instantly from cover to cover and never forgetting a single word. You have a brain like a steel trap wrapped in an Intel supercomputer.

We all know that IQ - or intelligence quotient, to give its full name - is not the be-all and end-all of intelligence. Some people have IQs in the 150's and still can't talk to another human being without coming off rather wooden and weird. Other people, however, are blessed with phenomenal raw computing power and a stunning excess of social skill. If the latter sounds like you, then you're going to be really gracious when even you, with your superlative mind and your stellar qualifications, cannot get all 35 of the questions in this quiz right.

Click on through and let's see how you do! And remember, if you do successfully hit the big 3-0, the smart thing to do is brag about it on social media.

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