Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Of '70s Cars With This Quiz!
Test Your Knowledge Of '70s Cars With This Quiz!
By: Robin Tyler
Image: nakhon100/Riley/René via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

The 1970's. What a decade for motoring.!

It was a decade where the world struggled for gas and cars were sometimes the last thing on people's minds. It was a time of rock 'n roll, the birth of disco, the rise of Motown and the end of the hippie era. That said, even though many didn't care for cars, except to get them from A to B, others were still looking or the ultimate ride.

And so the 1970s gave us an incredible assortment of cars, not only from American carmakers, including the Big Three, but from abroad as well. Japanese cars started to make an impact in the United States and like in the '50s and '60s, those beautiful European designs continued to come into the country as well.

Although they had been "invented" just a few years earlier, muscle cars were still extremely popular, especially with lovers of large, American V8 engines. Sports cars, particularly of European origin, also remained popular.

So in this quiz, your knowledge of cars from the 1970s needs to be top notch. Just take your time, you can do it!

Good luck!

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Are you able to identify this vehicle from the '70s?
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The '70s vehicle in this image is a _________?
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This is a classic for sure. Can you name it?
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A classic '70s muscle car. What is its name?
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This one is tricky. Can you identify this '70s vehicle?
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This model even has some input from the legendary Italian design house, Pininfarina. Can you name it?
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Are you able to name this useful model from the 1970s?
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This vehicle was partly styled by the Italian styling house, Bertone. What is it?
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What beautiful lines. What '70s classic is this?
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The vehicle in this image is a _________?
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This 2-door coupe was never sold in the U.S.A. but was popular in Europe. Name it, please.​
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Believe it or not, this became a popular drifting car later in its life, especially later versions. Can you name the vehicle?
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Still a model today, this 4x4 first appeared in the 1970s. Do you know what it is?
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This was the first mass-produced car in its country of origin. But what is the make and model?
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It was a favorite in Europe in the 1970s. Can you name the vehicle in the image?
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You might not have first hand knowledge of the vehicle in the image, but can you identify it?
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G'day! This Australian vehicle proved popular in the '70s. Identify it, please.
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Look at those sleek lines. Can you identify this beauty from the '70s?
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A fairly small vehicle for the time, what car is shown in this image?
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That's a long hood! To which vehicle listed below does it belong?
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Those sleek lines... beautiful. Can you name this car?
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Any clue as to what '70s car is depicted in this image?
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This vehicle was available as a microtruck or a van. What is it?
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All pointy and sleek, it looks fast! What rare vehicle is in this image?
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The make and model depicted in this image shows a _______________?
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