Quiz: Try This Tricky KJV Bible Verses Quiz!
Try This Tricky KJV Bible Verses Quiz!
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Trigram Healing

About This Quiz

More than 400 years after its creation, the King James Version of the Bible is still *the* authoritative translation of the Bible for many believers. They consider it to be the most powerful and poetic of the Bible's translations, and would not trade it for any of the more modern, easily understood translations. Completed in 1611, after years of labor by scholars working for the king of England, the King James Bible was reprinted and used for centuries. So widely used, in fact, that people who were barely literate could nonetheless quote the Bible in rich, classic English, complete with "thee," "thou," "verily" and "whomsoever." However, the King James Bible is not without its pitfalls. It's useful to know, for example, that "cattle" means  all animals in 17th-century English, not just cows and bulls. Or that "meat" is food overall, not just animal flesh. And that in the famous chapter on love, 1 Corinthians 13, the word for "love" is "charity." 

Are you an aficionado of this classic translation of the Bible? Do you think you can navigate its peculiar rhythms and wrest meaning from its sometimes-archaic language? We've got a quiz in which you can try just that. Often you'll be asked to fill in a missing word or words from a Bible verse. But other times, to mix things up, you'll be asked to identify a speaker, or to name the book a particular verse is from.

Are you ready? Test your Bible knowledge now!

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