Quiz: The Ultimate North Cascades National Park Quiz
The Ultimate North Cascades National Park Quiz
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North Cascades National Park offers hundreds of glaciers, dozens of waterfalls, high mountains and abundant wildlife. It's just waiting for you to discover its natural beauty. Before you do, take this quiz to learn more about North Cascades National Park.

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How long does it take to drive to North Cascades National Park from Seattle, Washington?
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North Cascades National Park contains more than 300:
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Which visitor center is open daily throughout the summer?
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Where does the North Cascades mountain range begin?
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What trees are abundant in the forests of North Cascades National Park?
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What type of winds blow in from Puget Sound to the western side of the mountains?
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Why are the mountains in North Cascades National Park sometimes referred to as the American Alps?
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Who said these words in 1814: "A more difficult route to travel never fell to man's lot."?
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How do you reach the wilderness camping grounds?
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What dates back to 1925 at the Buckner Homestead?
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What lies at the heart of the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area?
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What do the black bears feed on in North Cascades National Park?
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How did the early inhabitants of the North Cascades National Park area support themselves?
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What small community is found at the shores of Lake Chelan?
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What was mined in the area over a century ago?
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For how long have Native Americans been inhabiting this area?
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