Quiz: Not Even a Harvard Grad Could Ace This Extremely Difficult Brainteaser Quiz
Not Even a Harvard Grad Could Ace This Extremely Difficult Brainteaser Quiz
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you a fan of brainteasers? Do you pride yourself on being the only one of your friends and family who can get them all right? If either of these statements describes you to a tee, then you've stumbled on the perfect quiz for you - or hey, maybe you Googled "brainteasers," and this is what you found ... either way, we're good. We've put together a quiz of 35 of the most challenging brainteasers we could find. Do you think you can get them all right?

We all agree that brainteasers are fun, but many people give up on them too quickly because they often prove too frustrating. The key to mastering brainteasers is to get rid of the preconceived notions that we all have when we read. Brainteasers work in a couple of ways ... they either contain information that is irrelevant to the question, or they are worded in such a way that tends to lead the reader to assume only the obvious. To solve a brainteaser, try to look past the superfluous information while reading between the lines - that's a brainteaser in itself!

So, if you think you're smarter than a Harvard grad, take this quiz to prove it.

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