Quiz: Not the Cosbys: The Married with Children quiz
Not the Cosbys: The Married with Children quiz
By: Bambi Turner
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Do you remember how Al Bundy made a living, or the name of Peg's BFF? Remember the names of the Bundy kids or the actors who played them? Any idea where the family moved once their air conditioner broke down or the name of the anti-feminist group Al belonged to? If you know the answers to these questions, you might have what it takes to ace this "Married...with Children" quiz!

In the '80s, there was no shortage of family sitcoms on the tube. These shows all featured different actors and stories, but they had one thing in common -- tight-knit family members who would do anything for one another. There were the Huxtables on "The Cosby Show," the Tanners on "Full House," and the Keatons on "Family Ties," all facing problems as a family unit, ending the episode with a group hug and a smile -- and maybe a gentle lesson to help the kids learn.

Then there were the Bundys. Like "Roseanne" or "All in the Family," the Bundys offered a decidedly less sweet version of family life -- yet one that was still relatable to millions of viewers. Think you remember how Al, Peg and the kids bickered their way through 11 seasons? Take our quiz to find out!

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What does Al do for a living?
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What is the name of Peg's best friend?
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Who does Marcy marry after Steve leaves her?
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Which actress played Kelly Bundy?
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What was the name of the Bundy's dog?
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What was Al's favorite TV show?
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What kind of car does Al drive?
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Where does Peg hail from?
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What is Bud's street name?
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Who holds Peg hostage in the two-part season two premiere?
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What book did Al neglect to return to the library?
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What sport did Al excel at as a teen?
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What do the Bundys and Rhoades file a lawsuit about in the famous lost episode, "I'll See You in Court"?
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What did Al borrow $50,000 for in season four?
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What does Al plan to sell to pay the tax bill in season four?
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Where does Peg take Marcy after Steve divorces her?
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Which family member sees little green men in season five?
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What appliance leads the Bundys to move into the local supermarket?
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Where do the Bundys go in the three-part season six finale?
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What is the name of the young boy who moves in with the Bundys in season seven?
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What anti-feminist group does Al belong to?
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Why does Bud borrow money from the mob in season ten?
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What object forces Danny Bonaduce to settle a score between the Bundys and the D'Arcys in season eight?
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Who plays a famous model who wants Al in the season seven episode "The Proposition"?
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Where is Al forced to take a job when the shoe store is being renovated in season five?
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Which future friends actor starred in a "Married with Children" spin-off?
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True or false: Roseanne Barr was offered the role of Peg Bundy.
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Which of these was the working title for "Married with Children"?
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Who originally sang "Love and Marriage," the show's theme song?
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How many seasons did "Married with Children" entertain -- and offend -- viewers?
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