Quiz: How Obsessed With Cats Are You?
How Obsessed With Cats Are You?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: chabybucko/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

When you are sitting at work, are you thinking about humans or are you thinking about your cats? There's absolutely no judgment here! If you knit little sweaters from your cat's hair, it doesn't matter to us. In fact, we think it says a lot about your level of obsession when it comes to cats. 

As we scratch and claw our way through this quiz, we will ask you how you feel about a lot of things. Most importantly, we will ask you about your relationships with animals. The only real way to figure out how obsessed you are with cats is to get to know you as well as your pets know when they will be served dinner. We won't try to trip you up on your way to the kitchen, but we will be able to get to the bottom of how much time your mind spends preoccupied with our furry friends. 

Once you read our questions, take a moment to "paws" and reflect on your possible response. Then, choose the answer that sounds the most like what you would really do or say. By the time you've finished, we'll be able to diagnose your cat obsession better than any psychiatrist!

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Which of the big cats do you like most?
7 of 30
Which cat breed is the prettiest?
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Which toy would you buy for a cat?
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15 of 30
Which kind of cat do you like most?
16 of 30
Which name would you give to a new pet kitty?
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Which famous cat do you like most?
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Which name for a cat do you like most?
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How does your cat treat the vet?
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If you were not allowed to have cats, which animal would you prefer?
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What kind of fish do you think cats prefer?
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