Quiz: The Ultimate Ocean Voyage Essentials Quiz
The Ultimate Ocean Voyage Essentials Quiz
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About This Quiz

Taking a cruise is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. There are a few ocean voyage essentials that can ensure your trip lives up to your expectations and prevent any mishaps. Take this quiz to learn more about how to prepare for a sea voyage.

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What sort of dress wear is usually required for formal cruise dinners?
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What illness is common on cruise ships?
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Which of the following body parts is involved in causing seasickness?
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You may also want to bring along an extension cord for your power strip. How long should it be?
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What is the problem with buying sunscreen on a cruise ship?
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What is the minimum SPF required for sunscreen to be considered sunblock?
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What should you bring along in case you get sunburned?
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What should you inform the cruise ship staff of before you set off on a cruise?
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What may be a problem with bringing along cash on a cruise?
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What is a better way of paying for on-board expenses?
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How can you safely carry money around?
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If you are cruising in warm areas, what sort of clothes should you bring along?
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What should you do with your travel documents before you travel?
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What should you bring along if you will be buying a lot of souvenirs?
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