Quiz: The Ultimate Octopus Quiz
The Ultimate Octopus Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Octopuses are mysterious sea-creatures that always seem to intrigue young children. Octopuses are smarter and more talented than you may think. They even have a unique defense mechanism to protect them against predators. Take this quiz and learn about the mysteries of the octopus.

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A male pillow octopus is ______ a female pillow octopus.
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What does an octopus feel like?
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Octopuses use their arms for:
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Octopuses are related to:
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What is found inside an octopus's mantle?
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How do octopuses protect themselves from predators?
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What color is octopus blood?
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How many hearts does an octopus have?
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Chromatophores allow an octopus to:
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How quickly can an octopus change color?
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An octopus's eyesight is:
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An octopus's arms are mainly composed of:
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What is the activity level of a typical octopus?
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A typical octopus lives for:
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