Quiz: The Ultimate Off-Peak Cooling Systems Quiz
The Ultimate Off-Peak Cooling Systems Quiz
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Off-peak air conditioning systems will soon be coming to a home near you. Off-peak systems have been saving companies a lot of money for years by reducing energy costs and have proven their effectiveness. Leading air conditioning companies are producing residential units that can be added to your existing system. Take our quiz now to see if you are ready to cool off with off-peak air conditioning.

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Who invented the air conditioner?
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What year was the first residential air conditioner introduced?
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How does off-peak air conditioning help utilities enough for them to create attractive rates to offer during off-peak hours?
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What is the term used to describe the water-freezing mode used by off-peak systems at night?
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What is another common name used for off-peak cooling systems?
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Where do companies place the large tanks of water and ice that are required for off-peak systems?
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What factor do off-peak systems depend on to make them economically viable?
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What is the measurement unit used to determine the size of an air conditioning system?
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How much peak energy can a typical off-peak system save if it is incorporated into an existing air conditioning system in a large residential application?
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What percent reduction in peak cooling demand was achieved by the Night Sky Project?
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