On a Scale From 1 to 10, How Sexy Are Your Eyes?

Talin Vartanian

Do you know how to convey different kinds of expressions with just your eyes?

What color are your eyes?

Do you wear heavy eye makeup?

Do you find that people get lost in your eyes often?

Do your eyes change color under different kinds of light?

What is the shape of your eyes?

Do you have naturally long eye lashes?

Which of these mascara types do you normally use?

Do you have a lot of bright red veins in your eyes?

When doing your makeup, do you prefer to emphasize your upper or lower eyelids?

Do you have any dark circles under your eyes?

How would you describe the shape of your eyebrows?

Which of these eye makeup looks do you prefer to wear on your eyes?

Do you prefer to smile with your mouth or with your eyes?

Do you wear mascara on your lower lash line?

Which of these eyeshadow shades looks the best on your eyes?

Do you like to wear colored mascara or eyeliner?

Do you groom your eyebrows often?

Are your eyes highly pigmented?

Do you have any wrinkles or crow's feet around your eyes?

Do you use any eye cream, serum or gel?

Do you look for SPF in eye products?

Do you take any vitamins for the health of your eyes?

Do you know how to give a sultry gaze to people or to the camera?

Which of these concealers do you use around your eyes?

Do you find yourself squinting a lot in photos?

What do you think makes your eyes sexy?

Are your eyes more soft and feminine or more seductive?

Are your eyes more big or more small?

Are your eyes more 'happy' or 'sad?'

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About This Quiz

Do you think your eyes are sexy? Do you know how to work your "eye magic" to convey a variety of expressions to the camera and to people? In this quiz, we're going to find out just how sexy your eyes are, with 30 questions that relates to everything about your eyes!

The expression, "The eyes are the window to the soul" is a common phrase that denotes that eyes can convey the inner feelings and emotions of a person. This can often allude to "sexiness," but what really makes one's eyes sexy? Is it the color, shape, pigments, lack of wrinkles ... or something else? There's no right or wrong answer to this question, but everyone's eyes have an intangible quality about them that makes them unique, special and sexy. Many people love a confident persona as well, which can also be conveyed through one's eyes.

Even if your eyes are a 4 or a 6 in this quiz, don't get discouraged! All eyes are beautiful in their own right, so get out there and bat those lashes of yours!

So, are you ready to find out where your eyes fall on our sexy eye scale? It's time to take this quiz to find out!

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