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What is one advantage of the online system for paying bills?

One advantage is that you, the consumer, can track debits in real time.


How many people pay at least one bill online?

There are already well over 60 million people worldwide who pay online.


Of all payments not paid in cash, what proportion is paid online?

Roughly two thirds of all non-cash methods of payment are online.


What effect could paying electronically have on our environment?

Paying electronically means saving on paper and that means saving on trees -- millions of them.


What do researchers say regarding the likelihood of identity theft through online payments?

According to researchers, you've got less chance of identity theft through your online dealings than through the stealing of a bill from your mailbox.


Is it safer to pay online bills from home?

It's much , much safer paying your bills online from your home computer than using a public computer, such as at a library.


What safety measures do the main Internet browsers, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, have?

These big three all have safety measures, such as encrypted connections and warnings for suspicious sites.


To protect against phishing, what is the recommended frequency for changing your finance passwords?

You're best off changing your personal finance password every two months.


What do the letters EBPP stand for?

EBPP stands for Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment. It's a nifty way to refer to your viewing the bill online and performing an electronic money transfer as payment.


What kind of fees can you expect to be charged for online payment?

Most banks will charge a nominal fee, if they charge at all.


What does a secure URL look like, which indicates its degree of safety?

A secure URL usually starts with the letters "https." The "s" indicates that it’s a secure connection.


How can you locate a Web site's security certificate?

A Web site that's secure often has a padlock icon. Clicking on that will show you its security certificate.


Why would a person want to set up automatic bill payments as opposed to paying them manually?

Paying automatically means that you never have to risk late payments, because the bill is paid on time every time.


What happens if you opt for automatic online payments, but there aren't enough funds in your account to cover them?

Fortunately or unfortunately, your bills get paid but you go into overdraft and end up having to pay overdraft fees.


In what way would you save money if you paid online?

You'd save by not having to purchase stamps, envelopes and the like.


What idea did American Express come up with in 2000 to combat identity theft?

They introduced the idea of a disposable transaction number, which was foolproof.


Which of these are fairly secure online payment services?

They're called eBillMe and Bill Me Later and they offer similar protection to that of credit card companies.


What is the colloquial name for PayPal?

People sometimes refer to PayPal as an online wallet.


What is the potential danger in downloading free anti-spyware?

Some free anti-spyware downloads are actually spyware programs that can track your online activity instead of preventing intrusions.


How does the U.S. federal law protect the credit cardholder where there's suspicion of fraudulent activity?

Under the law, payment can be withheld until the dispute has been sorted out.


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