Quiz: Only 1 in 19 People Can Accurately Classify These Fruits and Vegetables. Can You?
Only 1 in 19 People Can Accurately Classify These Fruits and Vegetables. Can You?
By: Kennita Leon
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The majority of people believe that fruits and vegetables are groups that don't have subcategories. But they do. And you know that, or else you wouldn't be here. These groups include, but aren't limited to, drupes, grains, pomes, pepos, and roots. Each group has its defining features that allow certain foods to be placed in its ranks, and while one food can fit into many groups, we're asking you to identify the most obvious one. So, are you up to it?

Grains are tiny, dry seeds that may or may not have a fruit layer attached to them, while seeds are items that can be sown. Legumes can be seeds, which also totally confuses things, but they're members of the Fabaceae family. Drupes have fleshy outer layers and a single pit, while berries are small and pulpy and don't have pits or stones. Hesperidium and pepos are a kind of berry, but the former have leathery rinds, while the latter's is hard (like a pumpkin). Pomes have tissue that is clearly separated from its seeds, while roots grow in the ground. Nuts have seeds that are surrounded by hard shells and fungi produce spores. 

Now that you know what to look for, do you think you can correctly place these foods into their correct groups? Take this quiz to find out! 

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