Quiz: Only 1 in 21 People Know In Which European Country These Cities Are Located In. Do You?
Only 1 in 21 People Know In Which European Country These Cities Are Located In. Do You?
By: Khadija Leon
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The continent of Europe covers just 2 percent of the Earth's surface but has been divided into 50 sovereign states, some of which are shared with the neighboring continent of Asia. As of 2016, approximately 741 million people inhabit Europe, and the number grows every year, mostly as a result of immigration. 

Europe is known throughout the world for its rich history, unique landmarks, stunning architecture and beautiful monuments. The continent is also a melting pot of cultures and there are more than 60 different languages spoken throughout the continent. On every major travel blog, article or tourist destination list, you can find multiple European cities, some of which include Paris, France; London, England; Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany and Rome, Italy. 

How well do you know your European geography? Will you be able to correctly identify the country in which each of these cities is found from just an image? Or will this quiz send you back to studying your maps? Only one in 21 people can. Will you be one of them? The only way to find out just how much you know, is to take this quiz!

You can also challenge your friends to see who knows the most about these cities and the countries to which they belong.  

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