Quiz: Only 1 in 23 People Can Complete These Famous Book Quotes!
Only 1 in 23 People Can Complete These Famous Book Quotes!
By: Isadora
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About This Quiz

Do you think you can take on a literary quotes quiz and come out on top? Literature has been an important part of the culture around the world for centuries. Some literature reflects the culture of its time perfectly, while some was light years ahead, setting the stage for character types, plots and patterns that would repeat throughout all of media in ways the authors could never have imagined. Many of the tropes and characters of your favorite TV shows, video games and more can be traced back to books. In fact, many are even directly based on a particular title. 

Certain quotes from books have transcended even their original texts. Some are quoted by people around the world regularly. Occasionally, people will use one of these famous quotes without even realizing it. Whether you are an avid bibliophile, a casual reader, or would rather wait for the movie, there is a chance that you have heard these famous book quotes. They have inspired many people over the years to create and read.  

If you are sharp as a tack and ready to read between the lines, give this quiz a shot and see if you can finish some famous book quotes correctly! 

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