Quiz: Quiz: Can You Read Basic Electrical Plans?
Quiz: Can You Read Basic Electrical Plans?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

It’s shocking, isn’t it?! The level of exceptional skill and painstaking detail that goes into preparing architectural drawings and plans.

When it comes to architectural projects – big or small, amateur or professional – there are a wide array of technical plans and drawings that can be utilized for the job. These technical drawings and plans are not only particularly useful for the design and preparation parts of the project, they are also actually quite useful (and oftentimes essential) from start to finish.

In this clever quiz, the type of technical drawing that you will be answering questions about is the electrical plan. Electrical plans are technical drawings that can vary from being simple enough for the average person to understand, to being so complex that only a professional could make heads or tails of it.

Even basic electrical plans will take into account things like plot plans (which show the building’s location), floor plans (which show a floor by floor representation of the building), and also possibly various wiring diagrams as well. These basic electrical plans make use of several features to get the information across as plainly as possible; such as easy to read dimensions, clearly drawn lines, and also consistent notations and symbols.

Are you ready to prove that you’re a master architect? Then c’mon, let’s get started on this easy quiz.

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