Quiz: Do You Know These Farming Basics?
Do You Know These Farming Basics?
By: Bambi Turner
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About This Quiz

Do you know the difference between a tractor and a trough, or a cattle prod and a combine? Find out if a career in agriculture is right for you with this farming basics quiz!

Let's face it -- to people working in the corporate world, a job on a farm can seem like a dream job. Not only do you get to swap your annoying co-workers for cows and sheep, but you get to spend your days outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and breathing in the fresh farm air. What's not to love?

Those who've ever picked up a hoe or climbed aboard a tractor can tell you that farming is not only way harder than you probably think, but even hard work is no guarantee of success. Rain, drought, cold or heat can sink your entire production, and pests or diseases can wipe out crops faster than you can tend to them.

In fact, the USDA estimates that half of the 2 million farms in the United States bring in $10,000 a year or less from farming activities -- not quite enough to fund a family without an additional income source.

Of course, that doesn't mean you should let your farming dreams slip away. After all, food is a necessity and millions of farmers find ways to make it work. Test your knowledge of the agricultural world with this quiz!

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Which of these describes a farm where crops, fruits or veggies are grown?
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How many ears of corn can be grown on an acre of land, on average?
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Historically, a bushel has been equal to around....
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What is the purpose of a harrow?
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Which of these is not a method of working soil?
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How much honey does an average bee produce in its lifetime?
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How many pounds of food does a dairy cow need each day?
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Which of these describes a farm designed to feed only the farmer and his family?
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How large is the average U.S. farm?
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What does the M in GMO stand for?
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Which of these is most typically grown in an orchard?
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How much of U.S. farm output is exported?
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Which of these describes a plot of land left unseeded for a period?
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What do you call equipment that forms hay into bundles?
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The USDA Organic seal on a product means that this percent of its ingredients are organic.
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Which of these is NOT a commodity crop?
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Hydroponics refers to plants grown in....
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How many gallons of milk does a typical cow produce each day?
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What percentage of U.S. corn is sweet corn?
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The average farmer feeds this many people a year from his/her annual yield.
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Which of these is an ideal pH value for growing soybeans?
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What percentage of water in the U.S. goes to farms and agriculture?
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In 2018, this many U.S. farms got at least $1 million in subsidies.
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Which of these crops is the most profitable per acre?
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What is the key consideration when determining when to harvest corn?
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Which of these is a type of biofuel?
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How many eggs does a typical chicken lay in a year?
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Which of these is the study of soil and crops?
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How much of farm production in the U.S. is sold direct to consumers?
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Which of these dairy grades is used on milk you can drink?
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How long does it take to raise a grass-finished cow for slaughter?
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For how much should you expect to sell an acre of wheat at market?
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How much of each dollar spent on food in the U.S. ends up in the hands of a farmer?
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What percent of U.S. GDP does farming represent?
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What's the most frequently consumed meat in the world?
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What's the most common beef cow in the U.S.?
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