Quiz: Only 1 in 27 People Can Name All of These Fixer-Upper Items From an Image. Can You?
Only 1 in 27 People Can Name All of These Fixer-Upper Items From an Image. Can You?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

If you've lived in a house or an apartment that wasn't the most modern, then you know to do a few things around the house. It's nice to have your plumber and carpenter on speed dial, but chances are your pocket doesn't appreciate it. So, the only other thing that's left is to become a fixer-upper yourself. Of course you know how to unclog a drain, give the wood on your deck a fresh stain and you can change ten light bulbs in 5 minutes or less. But to do those things, you need a few tools. Only those who are truly handy can name all the tools in our quiz. Are you one of them?

We have the basics like the hammer, the hand saw and a measuring tape, but we also have framing squares, masonry trowels and rammers. Could you tell us which item is what if we showed you a picture?  If you think you've got what it takes to correctly identify all the tools fixer uppers use, take this quiz! Will your neighborhood recruit you for their next big project, or will they bench your clumsy butt and put you on water duty? Let's find out!

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