Quiz: Can You Identify All These Holdens from an Image?
Can You Identify All These Holdens from an Image?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Youtube via This Top Car

About This Quiz

Your knowledge of Australian vehicles needs to be top notch if you are to stand any chance of beating this tough quiz!

Holden has a long history in Australia. Established in 1856 as a manufacturer of saddles, by 1908, Holden had moved into the now fast expanding field of automobile production. 

By 1931, Holden was a subsidiary of General Motors and today still, many of the vehicles marketed under the Holden brand are in fact cars, pickups (or ute's as Australians like to call them), vans and other models from the General Motors lineup. That said, over the years, Holden has also marketed other automakers' cars under their badge including Isuzu, Opel, Suzuki and Vauxhall. 

Of course, Holden also produces their own vehicle, the Commodore, which is sold in both Australia and New Zealand and has been for the past few decades. 

Now in this quiz, you will find a range of Holden vehicles, across a range of different vehicle types. Some are easier to spot than others, since they are popular models from General Motors, for instance.

It's going to take all your savvy to get this quiz up to 100%. In fact, only 2.5% of Australians can ace it!

Good luck!

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