Only 1 in 42 People Can Identify the World's Most Beautiful Cars from an Image. Can You?

By: Robin Tyler

Aston Martin doesn't really make ugly cars, do they? Unveiled in 2010, the Rapide is one of the most beautiful looking 4-door sports saloons on the market and keeps all of that Aston Martin elegance.

As modern sports cars go, the Audi R8 offered something a little different in terms of design. It looks fast, menacing and beautiful all at the same time.

A controversial inclusion. Many love it but it has its detractors as well. One cannot disagree with the fact that the Evoque brought Range Rover design into the 21st Century. We think its a beaut!

After a period of 25 years without a Challenger model, this classic muscle car marque was reintroduced in 2008. It was an adapted design from the Dodge Challenger R/T of the 1970s, which we think you would agree, was a masterstroke. Menace and beauty are rolled into one package here.

An electric sports car from BMW, the i8 has a unique look. Simply put, there is nothing else that really looks like it on the road today. And it is a beauty.

The TT was a real hit for Audi when introduced just before the turn of the 21st century. Now in its third generation, the TT remains an attractive car.

While similar to the Veyron, the Buggati Chiron's lines are far more beautiful in our book. But its a case of menacing beauty. Not always a bad thing!

In the '70s and early '80s, the Countach was the car that every little boy was going to buy when they grew up. Styled by Marcello Gandini of the Bertone, those scissor doors made it something uniquely beautiful.

Muscle cars are good-looking in a more menacing way. This, one of the classic muscle cars from the late 1960s, is a stunner for sure. The 1968 Mustang famously appeared in the car chase scene in the Steve McQueen movie, Bullitt.

Not only an impressive racing car, the Ford GT40 was plastered over the walls of car-loving kids all around the world thanks to its unique look. It remains a beaut to this day.

This sports racer was available as both an open-top racer and a coupe. No matter which one you choose, you certainly can't go wrong in the pretty stakes!

Bentley doesn't make ugly cars, do they? Just look at the Speed Six, built between 1926 and 1930. A rolling chassis allowed the roof to be taken down, converting the Speed Six into a convertible style.

Those sweeping lines are nothing short of spectacular. Sadly only around 19 models of this stunning racer were ever made.

Jaguar rarely fails to disappoint, and the F-Type is no exception. Although the convertible is beautiful, in our book, it's the coupe you want. The roof sloping down into the rear of the car is instantly recognizable.

Released in 2015, like most Ferraris the 488 is simply a stunner. It's those open intakes near the rear of the car that we love so much.

Designed by Jean Bugatti, the son of founder Ettore Bugatti, the 57s Corsica came in a number of guises, with each simply stunning in their looks. 710 were produced over a six-year period from 1934 to 1940.

Another classic British sports car from the 1950s, the 100 has that distinctive '50s design but somehow its look remains unique from its competitors.

Only 18 examples of this stunner were produced between 1967 and 1969. Of course, it just looks even more beautiful in red.

The second generation of the Corvette became an instant classic. Its unique looks make it one of the most recognized Corvette models ever released by Chevrolet.

It's all about that stunning-looking grill and sweeping front hood when it comes to the C-Type Jaguar. Designed by Malcolm Sayer, only 53 were built.

The Giulietta came with a number of different body types. The sweeping lines of the Sprint, particularly the sloping rear end and the large back window made this car, however.

In the day before mudguards, wheels on classics such as this Bugatti were exposed. Some would say it takes away from the overall attractiveness of the vehicle. We disagree.

Wedge-shaped cars can sometimes look awful. The Stratos, however, released in 1973, still today has a bit of a futuristic look about it. Oh, and it's gorgeous.

Not only did this have close to the performance of a Formula 1 car at the time, it was an attractive car as well. A center seating position also made it fairly unique.

Classic Jaguar lines are instantly recognizable in the XK120. The thing we like the most about it is the enclosed rear wheels. Certainly an interesting option for the time period, but beautiful and classy.

A '90s supercar, the Ferrari F50 has that classic pre-21st century swagger. Normally a massive wing on the rear of the vehicle detracts from its overall beauty, but for the F50, it makes a welcome addition.

The 507 is a simply stunning 2-door convertible tourer released by BMW between 1956 and 1959. Only 252 were built.

Perhaps the most famous Mercedes ever built, not only does the 300SL look incredible, it has gullwing doors!

A DB4 improved by an Italian hand, the Zagato is striking. Only 25 were made.

First introduced in 1966 and built until 1973, the Miura is characterized by its long, sloping hood. We love how it looks from the front.

Available as a roadster and a coupe, it's the coupe that wins the beauty stakes for us with this Jaguar. From the side, the sloping design gives it an elegant look while the way the roof slopes down into the rear of the car looks incredible.

- Now that's a long hood. It gives the 2000GT an attractive overall look, while from the rear it looks incredible as well.

Released in 1914, the Bearcat was easily the most beautiful car of that era.

Not everyone's cup of tea in the looks department, we think the Zonda F is not only a stunning supercar, but a looker to boot.

This Carroll Shelby classic was not only fast and handled well, it was beautiful. We love how the exhaust pipes run down the outside of the car.

Another day, another Ferrari classic. This is a simply gorgeous grand tourer sculpted by the classic Italian design house, Pininfarina.

Certainly nothing else ever looked like it, and that makes the DS19 a beauty in our book. To be fair, it has lovely flowing lines and a certain sense of sophistication even though it was a regular model produced by Citroen.

Still keeping the lines from this absolute classic, the modern 911 has updated them slightly for the 21st Century. It will always be a beautiful design, no matter what decade it was released in.

This open-top Ferrari racer not only dominated racing in the late 1950s, it looked beautiful as well.

This high-performance, open single seater certainly won't be everyone's cup of tea when it comes to looks, but what you have is something resembling an F1 racer that is street legal. We will take that all day!

This British sports car was built between 1927 and 1931. Depending on the buyer's preference, it could be an open-top or enclosed car. The open top, however, had that classic look from the period and is certainly a thing of immense beauty.

Sports cars in the '50s and '60s all carry that classic look that makes them worth millions today. And the Porsche 904 is no exception. You see, people don't only buy these classics for their performance numbers which, face it, are tame by today's standards.

Italians and car design normally fit hand in glove (but not you Fiat Multipla). The Ghibli might have a silly name, but it sure is pretty with that long, curved hood a design standout.

One of the definitive names in British sports cars, Jaguar's models from the '50s are sought after today. And the XKSS is certainly no exception. Just look at it! Beautiful!

Typical of sports cars from the 1960s, the 250 LM has front headlights with long lenses. It is the almost 90-degree angle to the ending of the roof, however, that gives its unique and beautiful look.

Bugatti is synonymous with beautiful cars. Their 1932 Type 55 Roadster 3 might just be the prettiest ever created. This open-top roadster certainly flows from front to back thanks to its sweeping design.

A two-door sports saloon, the S-type Continental combines sweeping lines and sophistication. We particularly love the front grill and flying spur, of course.

Ugly convertibles are hard to find. Beautiful ones are a dime a dozen. The DB4 convertible from Aston Martin is surely one of the prettiest, though.

Other than their terrible-looking SUV, the LM002, Lamborghini make stunning looking cars. The Diablo, launched in 1990, is typical of sports cars of the time but probably had one over the Ferrari F40 in the glamor stakes.

Just look at it! Styled as many vehicles from that era, the 1932 Duesenberg Boattail Roadster is certainly beautiful but also menacing at the same time.

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About This Quiz

Since they first hit the road, the design of cars has always featured extremely high on the list of reasons why people purchase a vehicle. Even in the early days, when cars were very similar, those that were a bit more unique and beautiful certainly stood out. 

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we are sure that you will agree that our list of the 50 most beautiful motor vehicles is top notch! But will you be able to identify them? It is not as easy as you may think. Beautiful cars have been made throughout the 130 years of motoring, many of them in the early years as well.

The 1930s, in particular, had some incredibly beautiful machines, while the open-top sports cars of the '50s and '60s are a sight to behold as well. In the '70s, styles changed, with many angular designs hitting the scene, particularly in the sports car field. And let's not forget the '80s, '90, 2000s and the past number of years where the design envelope has been pushed further.

This means radically different-looking cars, but they remain beautiful none the less.

Only 1 in every 42 people can identify our beautiful cars in this quiz. Will you ace the test?

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