Quiz: Can You Identify All of These British Candies from an Image?
Can You Identify All of These British Candies from an Image?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: Kate Hopkins via Wiki Commons/Wiki Commons/David Edgar via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Can you spot the difference between a handful of M&M's and a bowl filled with Smarties or Minstrels? Can you tell one aerated chocolate treat from another with just one glance, or pick out a single piece of Quality Street chocolate from a pile of Cadbury Roses? If you consider yourself a British candy connoisseur, prove your sweet knowledge with this quiz!

The U.S. and Britain have a common history that dates back centuries -- after all, it was only 250 years ago or so that the U.S. gained its independence. Yet despite that shared history, the candy bars sold between the two countries are remarkably different. Sure, they have the same basic ingredients -- sugar, nuts, cocoa beans and cocoa butter -- but the end results have little in common beyond the list of ingredients on the label. 

While America worships its Hershey bars and M&M's, the Brits chow down on Dairy Milk and handfuls of Smarties. Classic favorites found in every convenience store in the U.S. are difficult or impossible to locate in the U.K., and vice-versa. Instead, the residents of each country rely on the familiar favorites they've grown up with to satisfy their sweet tooths. 

Of course, candy fans are always willing to venture out of their comfort zones, and there are plenty of Americans who head to the international section of the local supermarket hoping to score one of their favorite British chocolate bars. Are you one of them? Take this quiz to see if you can identify these popular British candies without their labels!

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