Only 1 in 52 People Can Spell All of These Words Correctly. Can You?

Teresa M.

There are ______________ on the roof of city buildings.

It is really cold in the _____________.

I love my mom's ______________ pie.

I need to ask my boss for some ________________.

D.B. Cooper's disappearance is very _______________.

Please don't _________________ me, Mom!

The climber started making his ________________.

I love ______________ and blues!

Shakespeare was a brilliant ________________.

I do a _________________ inspection of my pockets before I do the laundry.

Keep your _______________ to yourself!

Getting a massage is pure ______________.

It is a ________________ to serve our country.

I'm not that __________________.

Underwear are easily __________________.

According to Prince, "She wore a _____________ beret."

I _______________ hope I get a day off soon!

My ________________ is a nice person.

Valentine's Day is in _________________.

The ______________ of the chapel was beautiful!

My phone is my favorite technological _______________.

Grandpa might be old, but he's still ___________________!

Getting 10 feet of snow would be ___________________.

I made sure to get a ______________ on my purchase.

I tried to grow ________________ once.

You must be quiet in the _______________.

I need to get more ________________.

He's a member of our local ___________________.

At least I find myself _______________.

Please keep light clothes ______________ from the darker clothes.

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About This Quiz

Could you be a winning contestant in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, or do you need to go back to English class? Let's find out if you are the 1 in 52 with the brain power to spell our words correctly!

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