Quiz: Only 1 in 62 People Can Recognize All of These '90s Tech Gadgets! Can You?
Only 1 in 62 People Can Recognize All of These '90s Tech Gadgets! Can You?
By: Chelsea

About This Quiz

With the invention of the World-Wide-Web, the 1990s ushered an era of connectivity and portability, making the 90’s a decade filled with cool and innovative gadgets. One of those gadgets was the Sony Discman portable CD player, also known as the CD Walkman. Before this, music was played through cassettes. Another invention, or rather modification, was the mobile phone which from looking like a milk carton to the classic flip phone.

Tech gadgets of the 90’s had its most predominate boom in gaming systems and handheld games, like the Tamagotchi, which involved taking care of a digital pet and the Nintendo 64, which allowed users to play games like Super Mario. Hours were spent playing on these gaming systems and handheld devices. 

Technological advances of the 90’s also allowed Nintendo to release the GameBoy color and change the way handheld video games were played. It offered a colored screen for users to play games like Tetris DX, Wario Land II, and Pocket Bomberman.

How well do you know your ‘90s tech gadgets? If you were given an image of some of the most popular ones, would you be able to identify them? The only way to find out is to take this quiz!

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