Quiz: Can You Guess All 50 States From an Image Of Their Outline?
Can You Guess All 50 States From an Image Of Their Outline?
By: Narra Jackson
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Welcome to the U.S.A. - one of the biggest and most diverse countries in the world that sells enough pizza every day to cover 100 acres! Do you think you know everything about America and its states? We highly doubt it! Even those who didn't miss a single geography class can feel like strangers in their own country when visiting certain remote American states. It’s not uncommon for people from California to be puzzled by Midwesterners with their “y’all” and very different accents. New York City locals can easily get lost in Indiana and people who were born and raised in New Orleans or, say, Florida, won't survive a typical winter in Ohio.

Moreover, there is something special about every state: Arizona produces lots of cotton, California, if it were a country, would have the eighth-largest economy in the world, and not long ago, the archeologists found the remains of an 8,000-year-old human civilization in Florida. From the snow blizzards of Alaska to the peaceful landscapes of Hawaii, this country has it all.

Can you recognize all 50 states of the US? Take this quiz to see how well you know them and learn even more weird, hilarious, or revealing tidbits along the way!

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