Quiz: Only 10% of Americans Know These British Words
Only 10% of Americans Know These British Words
By: Isadora Teich
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English is spoken natively around the world, from North America to the UK to Oceania, but it is also an international language used by millions and millions for business, science, tech and more. It all started in Britain, where the slang is unique from all the rest. While Brits are often cast as villains in Hollywood films and many people are fond of many of the UK's accents, British slang can be a little hard to grasp for someone who is not used to it. Do you know a bloke from a bog roll? The Brits do.   

With the popularity of BBC shows and Harry Potter, certain British words have become more commonplace on a larger scale, but some of that posh slang might seem downright silly or confusing to outsiders. After all, there are a lot of words that were not included in "Sherlock" or "Doctor Who." The accents that many Americans and people in other countries consider whimsical or attractive definitely come with their interesting ways of using language. This makes them incredibly unique. 

If you are an anglophile with a love for language and all of its slang quirks, then see if you can take on this quiz!   

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