Quiz: Do You Know All of These Difficult Vocabulary Words?
Do You Know All of These Difficult Vocabulary Words?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Do you consider the dictionary to be the best form of bedtime reading? Are you a vocabulary whiz? Take this How Stuff Works quiz to find out exactly how many of these 35 vocabulary words you can identify.

Not everyone looked forward to the weekly vocabulary quizzes and tests we all endured in school. But for those of us who did look forward to them, they offered a chance to expand our knowledge of what words mean.

Words are awesome. They enable us to communicate with one another; a wide array of words encourages us to add specificity and nuance to our communications. We understand that many people wish  the English language wasn't so chock-full of multiple words that are similar, with shades of meaning, but we here at How Stuff Works love the flexibility that comes with a large vocabulary. Of course, the key to being able to use all of these wonderful words is understanding what they mean. But don't worry - if you failed to get your fill of vocabulary words in school, it's never too late to boost your vocab  knowledge. You could start right now, with this quiz.

How many of these 35 vocabulary words can you identify?

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