Only 2% of People Can Identify All these Battlestar Galactica Characters from a Picture. Can You?

By: Kennita Leon

Gaius Baltar is an amazingly brilliant scientist who unintentionally helped the Cylon race attack the Twelve Colonies. Gaius is known to be charming, especially with the ladies, and can come off as being selfish. As time passes, he becomes more caring and performs great feats of bravery.

Sharon is one of the more fascinating characters because there are many versions of herself. As Boomer, Sharon has no idea that she is a Cylon- a member of the Cybernetic civilization at war with humanity. She has trouble coping with what she doesn't know are Cylon instincts.

Samuela is a former athlete turned resistance leader who possessed great tactical abilities. He had a knack for mounting successful attacks, even from deep inside Cyclon-occupied cities. Although he hated the Cylons, he accepted Number Eight.

Jurgen Belzen was Helena Cain's long-time executive officer. Unfortunately, she shoots him in the head when he begs her to reconsider sacrificing their outnumbered Vipers. Cain viewed his requests as insubordination and does the deed with Jurgen's own gun.

Coker was drafted to work in the Colonial Fleet as soon as he graduated from the University of Aerilon. Because of the two tours he previously served, he isn't the most optimistic person, nor does he enjoy being surrounded by positive people- namely William Adama.

Daniel Graystone is the founder and CEO of Graystone Industries, located on Caprica before the fall of the twelve colonies. Daniel is the man responsible for creating the Cylons. His daughter's death inspired him to create holographic avatars who eventually became the Cylons (Cybernetic Life-form Node).

Dr. Cottle is the strange, sarcastic and somewhat mean chief medical officer of the Battlestar Galactica. Although he has the rank of major, he is not a part of the Galactica's chain of command. He is very strict when it comes to medical ethics and does not discriminate between humans and Cylon patients.

Simon is a humanoid Cylon who uses his logic to solve problems and resolve issues. He is the medical specialist of the Cylon race and also acted as a doctor when he was an infiltrator. Simon's type of Cylon preferred to use their medical skills rather than engage in physical combat.

Sister Clarice was the high priestess and headmistress of the Athena Academy located on Caprica. Her faith in the One True God was the result of her loyalty to the Monotheist Church from the time she was a little girl. Despite her faith, she developed a taste for drugs and alcohol in her youth.

Lee, despite being a troublesome young boy, grew up to be just like his father, Admiral Adama. They share the same strong characters and unquestionable code of ethics. He is a very rigid pilot and is often very hard on himself and his crew. He secretly loves to cook, a trait he inherited from his mother.

Amanda Graystone is the wife of Daniel Graystone, the creator of the Cylons. She is also the mother of Zoe Graystone, who was killed. Amanda is a successful plastic surgeon who lost the connection with her husband after their daughter was killed. Because of this, her husband tried to create a robot version of their daughter and failed.

Lacy is a student at the Athena Academy, where she and Zoe Graystone were best friends. After Zoe's death, she becomes one of her avatars. After hearing rumors that Zoe was alive, she broke into the Graystone mansion to find Zoe alive as a seven-foot tall Cylon prototype.

Daniels was one of eight Cylons created by the Final Five- five of the twelve Cylon human models whose identities were lost. Number Seven was artistic, creative and sensitive. Unfortunately, the Sevens were destroyed by the Ones, long before the second Cylon War.

This version of Number Eight, or Sharon, knows that she is Cylon and also has memories of herself as Boomer, including memories of being with Tyrol. Although she struggles with human emotion, she is able to express happiness for Tyrol who has a baby with another character.

The First Hybrid is what came before the Cylon Hybrids. It was the very first step in their evolution from being complete machines to becoming more organic beings. The First Hybrid spoke coherently and was seen as the God of the Cylons.

Admiral Helena Cain was the captain of the Battlestar Pegasus. She is not afraid of taking control and stepping on toes. In fact, she ruled using fear and authority, which caused friction between her and William Adama; the two even tried to assassinate each other.

Although his name is not given in the series, he is known as Crashdown. He started off as a refugee from the Battlestar Triton, who first served Boomer on the Battlestar Galactica. Together with Boomer, the two were responsible for leading important missions to find water and fuel for their fleets.

Leoben is a humanoid Cylon who pretended to possess religious and philosophical enlightenment. In reality, he loved playing mind games by mixing the truth with bits of lies. He was also the strongest of all the humanoid Cylons, tossing many people around like ragdolls.

Sam is an enforcer for the crime syndicate located on Caprica. He is known for assassinating a government official for insulting and threatening him and his brother. Because of his dangerous career, he and his husband do not have children. He is the uncle of William Adama.

Tamara Adama was the daughter of Joseph Adama. She and Zoe Graystone died in the same suicide bombing, leaving her family devastated. Tamara was turned into a holographic avatar when her father agreed to work with Daniel Graystone, who also lost a daughter in the bombing.

Romo Lampkin is a public defender who was hired by President Roslin and Admiral Adama to be Gaius Baltar's attorney. Romo uses deceit to get information out of others in order to help his clients. He is able to steal items that give him insight into his opponent's weaknesses.

Zoe Graystone was the daughter of Daniel Grastone, the man who created the Cylons. She was killed in a suicide bombing. After her death, her consciousness was downloaded into a virtual avatar, making her the first Cylon.

Commander Barry Garner was the third commanding officer of the Pegasus and was appointed to that position after many of his colleagues died. Before he became a commander, he was the Pegasus' chief engineer. As a commander, he is often seen as incompetent and paranoid.

Aaron Doral is a Cylon who operated as a public relations executive aboard the Galactica. His type of Cylon was made to deliberately sow seeds of discontent and confusion, especially during life-threatening situations. He is what a violent and sadistic used car salesman would be like.

Galen was the chief engineer for the Colonial Viper and Raptor. His duty was to make sure that both crafts were always ready and fit for active service. He had a relationship with Boomer but it ended up putting his job at risk. He then met another engineer and had a baby with her.

This former genetic student became a tactical officer in order to pay for school. In the series, he is seen as a very idealistic, friendly, encouraging and trusting person. He has a lot of respect for Admiral Adama and strives to please him.

Lieutenant Thorne is a very well-respected man who has saved many lives during his career. He is known as the Cylon Interrogator; his methods include torture and sexual assault. He and his men reportedly assaulted Gina, a copy of Number Six.

Colonel Tigh isn't the nicest person. He is gruff, mean and unlikable. He respects very few people and shows open disdain for those he cannot stand. He often looks down on people, especially the civilians who refuse to give up their daily comforts and refuse to accept martial law.

John Cavil, also known as Number One, is a humanoid Cylon who appears to be an eccentric man in his late sixties. He does not take death or religion seriously (the only Cylon model who doesn't). He is extremely sarcastic, highly rational and has a great sense of humor.

Billy was a Kobolian who worked as political advisor for the Battlestar Galactia. He worked under the rule of President Laura Roslin. He fell for Dualla but she broke his heart when she declined his engagement. He later died saving Dualla from a group of terrorists who held them hostage.

Louanne used to be named Sasha Billings, a former drug runner who took the name of her roommate to get through background checks so she could be trained by Kara Thrace. She and Kara become rivals and Kat quickly turns to drugs to help her get through the program and keep her senses sharp.

Margaret, also known as Racetrack, is a lieutenant who was assigned to the Battlestar Galactica. Her primary duty is to pilot Raptors and to substitute as an Electronic Countermeasures Officer. She was the first human to see the inside of a Cylon Baestar- a Cylon capital ship.

Ellen Tigh is the wife of the high strung Colonel Saul Tigh. After initially being thought dead by the remaining humans, including her husband, she reappears. Ellen and the colonel then try to reconcile their marriage but her previous infidelities leave the relationship very strained.

Number six is a human-like Cylon who has very important roles in her society, She has many versions of herself, including Shelly, Lida, Sonja, Caprica and Gina. This Cylon is incredibly beautiful and also very religious.

D'Anna is a reporter for the Fleet News Service. After being given access to film a documentary about the military, she comes across Athena- a Cylon prisoner- and finds out that she is pregnant. Although she was told to delete the evidence, the documentary falls into the hands of the Cylons, who reveal D'Anna to be a Cylon.

After the death of Billy, Tory becomes a chief aide and adviser to President Roslin- particularly managing her election campaign. Tory also helped President Roslin cover up the fact that Hera Agathon - the half-Cylon child of Karl and Athena - was alive.

Kendra Shaw is an officer assigned to the Pegasus, who happens to be from the Ministry of Defense. She works as Helena Cain's aide, a step in the direction of her dream, which is to be a Fleet Commander. Her mother was a Quorum delegate who died of cancer before Kendra became a lieutenant on the Pegasus.

Admiral Adama is a battle-hardened man who has a strong moral code and character. He is a great leader who made it his duty to protect what was left of humanity from the threats known as the Cylons. His dedication and determination gained him the respect and loyalty of his crew.

Jack Fisk was a Lieutenant Colonel who served on board the Pegasus and loved to drink. For a little while, he was promoted to Commander, until his involvement in the black market came to light. He was then killed by the very men he did 'business' with when he demanded higher compensation.

Cally worked as a maintenance specialist on the flight deck of Battlestar Galactica. Like other characters on the show, Cally joined the military to help pay for school and was just about to be honorably discharged when the destruction of the Twelve Colonies occurred. She ended up marrying her boss, Galen Tyrol.

Brendan is a one of the very few survivors among the first set of Viper pilots recruited by the Fleet. He first comes across as being very cocky and pretends to be more than he is, but he eventually becomes one of the most seasoned pilots on the Galactica.

Lieutenant Louis Hoshi is the communications officer aboard the Battlestar Pegasus. He eventually becomes the communications officer on board the Galactica, where he also takes up roles similar to that of Anastasia's. He sometimes also functions as the ship's tactical officer.

Kara is a brilliant, daring, stubborn and short-tempered captain whose services would have been terminated had it not been for the fact that the human race was nearly completely destroyed.

Admiral Helena Cain was from the Tauron colony and was the Commanding Officer of the Battlestar Pegasus. She was a very brave woman who had no problem making difficult decisions. She was killed by Gina Inviere - one of the many versions of Number Six.

Anatasia is a Sagittaron who joined the Colonial Fleet against the wishes of her father. Despite the war against the Cyclons, the rift between her and her father did not heal. She made Lieutenant Junior Grade despite being involved in a plan to fraudulently let Laura Roslin win the presidential election.

Tom is a very charismatic political leader from the Sagittaron colony. He was imprisoned before the Cylon holocaust for planting explosives in government buildings, causing many deaths, and prompting political unrest. After the twelve colonies were destroyed, he joined the Battlestar Galactica in fleeing from the Cylons.

Lt. Agathon is a pilot for the Battlestar Galactica who primarily works on a raptor. He had a baby with Sharon's clone and named the baby Hera. After a series of mishaps, he rescued his kidnapped child, saved his race when people were dying, and became the second-in-command on the Demetrius.

Laura inherited the presidency because she just happened to be the highest-ranking member of parliament after the attack. Her presidency was met with lots of opposition. On top of that, she had to battle recurrences of cancer - the same illness from which her mother died.

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Set in a distant part star system, the "Battlestar Galactica" series explores the turbulent relationship between two species; the Cylons and the humans.The Cylons are a group of android species which includes humanoid models called skinjobs, hybrids, and Cylons Centurions. The skinjobs are divided into two main groups; The Significant Seven and the Final Five which was led by the humanoid Cylon “Number One” named John Cavill. The series also features two ethereal beings of a higher power, who are only seen interacting with two specific characters.

After a sudden attack laid destruction upon the 12 colonies, much of the surviving human race fled into space, while a group onboard a large battleship stayed behind in search of the lost thirteenth colony. As the protagonists of the series, the humans are seen navigating their way under the Cylons’ rule in an attempt to find another habitable planet. Despite the animosity, an eventual partnership was formed between humans and a small group of Cylons. Together they headed toward their new home.

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