Quiz: Only 2% of People Can Identify All these Battlestar Galactica Characters from a Picture. Can You?
Only 2% of People Can Identify All these Battlestar Galactica Characters from a Picture. Can You?
By: Kennita Leon

About This Quiz

Set in a distant part star system, the "Battlestar Galactica" series explores the turbulent relationship between two species; the Cylons and the humans.The Cylons are a group of android species which includes humanoid models called skinjobs, hybrids, and Cylons Centurions. The skinjobs are divided into two main groups; The Significant Seven and the Final Five which was led by the humanoid Cylon “Number One” named John Cavill. The series also features two ethereal beings of a higher power, who are only seen interacting with two specific characters.

After a sudden attack laid destruction upon the 12 colonies, much of the surviving human race fled into space, while a group onboard a large battleship stayed behind in search of the lost thirteenth colony. As the protagonists of the series, the humans are seen navigating their way under the Cylons’ rule in an attempt to find another habitable planet. Despite the animosity, an eventual partnership was formed between humans and a small group of Cylons. Together they headed toward their new home.

How much do you really know about the Battlestar Galactica characters? Do you know what species they come from and which side of the war they are on? The only way to see if you can identify some of the most popular characters is to take this quiz!

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