Quiz: Only 4% of People Know All of These Horse Facts. Do You?
Only 4% of People Know All of These Horse Facts. Do You?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: shutterstock

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You're driving by an open field, filled with green grass and a herd of mighty, majestic animals catches your eye. These large, but gentle giants grace farmer's fields throughout the world, but you may not know as much as you think you do about them! 

Do you know what all of the horses in the world are descendants of? The original horses of Asia! These horses were first introduced to Europe and later, the rest of the world. 

Horses were typically used for work and transportation. Before the world had cars to travel in, horses were the main source of transportation for many people. In England during the 1800s, there were so many horses being used as transportation that they experienced an excessive amount of horse manure in the streets! 

Eventually, there were new horse breeds such as the Morgan, and the beginning of worldwide horse shows and races. Do you know which champions dominated the race track and became some of the most famous horses in the world? They both start with the letter 'S!' 

Just like champions, horses present themselves as powerful, yet friendly animals. After all, a horse will always show the love it has for you if you treat it with care and respect. 

Do you think you know a Quarter Horse from a Canadian? How about what your horse likes to eat? 

If you think you know your horse facts, ride on over to take the quiz! 

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