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You're driving by an open field, filled with green grass and a herd of mighty, majestic animals catches your eye. These large, but gentle giants grace farmer's fields throughout the world, but you may not know as much as you think you do about them! 

Do you know what all of the horses in the world are descendants of? The original horses of Asia! These horses were first introduced to Europe and later, the rest of the world. 

Horses were typically used for work and transportation. Before the world had cars to travel in, horses were the main source of transportation for many people. In England during the 1800s, there were so many horses being used as transportation that they experienced an excessive amount of horse manure in the streets! 

Eventually, there were new horse breeds such as the Morgan, and the beginning of worldwide horse shows and races. Do you know which champions dominated the race track and became some of the most famous horses in the world? They both start with the letter 'S!' 

Just like champions, horses present themselves as powerful, yet friendly animals. After all, a horse will always show the love it has for you if you treat it with care and respect. 

Do you think you know a Quarter Horse from a Canadian? How about what your horse likes to eat? 

If you think you know your horse facts, ride on over to take the quiz! 

What body part is the largest on a horse than any other land animal?

A horse's eye is larger than any other land animal's eyes. The eyes of a horse are located on the sides of its head, allowing it to see a lot of its surroundings.


Which of the following can't a horse do?

A horse can't vomit due to how their internal organs and structure are set up. The only other animals that are known to be incapable of vomiting are rodents.


About how many wild horses live in a herd?

About 20 horses live in a herd. Herds are typically comprised of one stallion and many females along with their foals. Typically, the only other males in the herd are young and immature.


Horses have good what?

Horses have incredible memories. They can easily remember past events, spoken words and commands. They also remember their owners.


What does it mean if a horse has a red ribbon on its tail?

If a horse has a red ribbon on its tail, that means that it kicks. This is a safety precaution so that you are aware when approaching it.


How many stallions are typically found in a herd?

There is usually just one stallion in the herd, as the dominant stallion will push the other males away when they've reached maturity. These males will eventually establish their own herd or group together.


Is it true or false that a horse can sleep both standing up or lying down?

This is true. Even if a horse is standing, it may not actually be awake! Horses have the ability to sleep both laying down and standing up.


How much water does a horse drink each day?

A horse drinks about 7 gallons of water a day. Just like humans, water is essential to a horse's survival. To tell if a horse is in need of water, a gentle pinch of its skin can indicate if it is dehydrated or not.


How long does it take before a foal is able to walk?

It's only a short time after birth that a foal is able to get up and run on its own. It experiences a lot in its first hours of life, including its first meal.


In which country is horse meat considered a delicacy?

In France, horse meat is considered a delicacy. Other places that eat horse meat are Germany and China. In Canada and the United States, it is not common to find horse meat on the menu.


Approximately how long does a horse live?

A horse lives to be about 25 years of age when domesticated. Horses typically mature around the time they turn 2 or 3 years old. A horse typically starts to age when it is 15 years old.


Is it true or false that a young male horse is called a filly?

This is false. A young male horse is called a colt. A young female horse is called a filly. Both are referred to by these names until they reach 4 years old.


How old was the oldest living horse?

The oldest living horse lived to be 62 years old. His name was "Old Billy." The typical domesticated horse will usually live to be around 26 years of age.


How many bones does a horse have in its body?

A horse has 205 bones in its body. For an animal so large, they're only one bone away from having the same amount as a human. A horse has 36 ribs!


What is the eohippus?

The eohippus is an ancestor of the modern-day horses we know today. These ancestors were around the size of a medium-sized dog.


Which of the following is the closest related animal to the horse?

A rhino is the closest related animal to the horse. Although a horse is a common animal to find in a barn, it is more closely related to the African animal because of its toes.


Which breed is the most popular horse breed?

Quarter Horses are the most popular breed of horse. They are great for many different things such as recreational riding, competing and as work horses.


Is it true or false that a female horse has fewer teeth than a male?

This is true. A female horse has around 36 teeth, whereas a male generally has 40 teeth. This is one way to determine the sex of a horse.


Which country had no horses until the 1700s?

Australia had no horses until the 1700s. This means they are not a native animal to the country, however, their population grew very rapidly.


What is a horse truly doing when it appears to be laughing?

When a horse looks like it is laughing, what it's actually doing is picking up on a scent. It makes it easier to smell, and this action is known as the flehmen response.


What horse breed is known as the state animal of Vermont?

The Morgan horse is the state animal of Vermont. The most famous of the Vermont Morgans was Figure, who was a decorated racehorse as well as a work horse.


What is the smallest breed of horse?

The smallest breed of horse in the world is the Falabella. It stands at just eight hands. The smallest individual horse in the world was a dwarf miniature horse.


Is it true or false that a horse is an omnivore?

This is false. A horse is exclusively an herbivore. Some of their favorite foods include fresh fruits like apples, and they also enjoy hay.


What is a horse measured in?

A horse is measured in hands. One hand equals 4 inches. To measure a horse, you start at its feet and measure all the way up to its shoulders.


What is one of the largest breeds of horses?

Shires are one of the largest breeds of horses. The average height of the horses of this breed is around 17 hands. Despite their size, they are kind creatures that are great to take out for a ride.


Which food is bad for a horse?

Avocados can be extremely dangerous for a horse. There are toxins inside of avocados that can cause serious conditions in the horse.


How many natural gaits does a horse have?

A horse has four natural gaits. These are a walk, trot, canter, and gallop. However, different breeds of horses can perform different gaits.


How long is a horse's gestation period?

A horse's gestation period is 11 months. When the foal is born, it is able to do basic tasks like walking and feeding.


What is found in horse hooves as well as human hair?

Keratin is found in horse hooves, just like it is found in human hair. It is important to the growth of the horse's hoof as its hoof acts as its only toe.


What is the mother horse called?

A mother horse is called a dam whereas the father is known as a sire. If the female hasn't had a foal, she is referred to as a mare.


What type of music do horses like?

According to a study by Clare Carter, horses enjoy listening to classical music. It kept them calm just as silence did. They reacted very differently to other forms of music.


How can you tell a horse's age?

You can tell a horse's approximate age by its teeth. Of course, this method will never give an exact age, but it will give you an estimate.


What color of horse is very rare?

White horses are quite rare. Most horses that appear to be white were originally born with a grey shade that eventually turned white.


Is it true or false that a horse can breathe through its mouth?

This is false. Horses are incapable of breathing through their mouths. This is because the way a horse's mouth is built is different compared to ours, only allowing food through the passage.


How fast can a typical horse run?

When a horse is galloping, it can run around 25 miles per hour. The fastest speed that a horse ever ran in a race is 43 miles per hour!


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