Quiz: Only 4% of People Will Ace the Hardest General Knowledge Drill Ever
Only 4% of People Will Ace the Hardest General Knowledge Drill Ever
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Everyone likes to think of themselves as knowing a good amount of stuff. We're all great at dinner parties, after all, with our sparkling anecdotes, hilarious jokes and endless but never excessively wielded string of arcane and intriguing truths. Who hasn't dazzled a potential love interest by rattling off some fascinating fact about how deep space isn't actually empty after all, knowing what's really lurking at the bottom of the ocean, or being able to tell them the precise amount of rat feces that's legally permitted by state and federal authorities to be in that dish they're in the middle of eating (don't Google this if you intend to ever eat happily again)? Who hasn't appealed to a potential employer by knowing the history of their industry, a useful tidbit about their favorite sporting hobby,or a handy hint about the particular tipple they prefer at the end of a working day? Who has not silenced their boring or controversial relatives by artfully diverting a conversation about who exactly is coming where and doing what to whose job by pulling out an obscure observation about the shedding habits of grass snakes or the local history of the neighborhood?

If you haven't recently enjoyed such an opportunity, now is your chance! Let's get started.

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