Quiz: Only 5% of People with PhDs Passed This Middle School Math Quiz!
Only 5% of People with PhDs Passed This Middle School Math Quiz!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

When you study something, the higher you rise, the more you are pushed to specialize. Eventually, certain skills which aren't used in your specialty might start to fall away. Baseball pitchers are almost universally terrible batters and fielders, because they spend all their time practicing their pitching repertoire and working on strategy. Magicians who specialize in mind reading tend to become befuddled by tricks with ropes or coins. The same is true in the sciences.

Sometimes, when one is used to doing something at a high level, one becomes accustomed to a level of complexity that makes one second guess one's decisions on simple subjects. An undergraduate degree is nothing to sniff at, but a master's degree or a doctorate are revered because the level of specialty required for these is so great, it means the doctor or master in question really only works in a narrow field. These academics are the perfect people to test out on some basic, skill-based questions.

You have some homework to do. We have spoken with your middle school math teacher, gone through their favorite quiz questions, and come up with a "simple" and "easy" middle school math quiz, however the more studied you are, the more problematic it will be for you. Put your basic skills to the test!

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