Quiz: Only 7% of People Can Name These Popular Cities That Start With "P." Can You?
Only 7% of People Can Name These Popular Cities That Start With "P." Can You?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo

About This Quiz

With seven billion people on the planet spread throughout 196 countries and all sorts of weird and wonderful cultures, place names can end up being enormously diverse. Some places have names that sound very exotic to a foreign ear but in their native tongue actually just mean something super simple like "place where lots of people live", or perhaps something that was designed to be helpful like "oasis with fresh water" or "place where those delicious thistles grow". Others are named after the founder, discoverer, or someone the citizenry intended to honor. Many towns and cities take the name of whatever came before them on the same site, like a forest, a lake, or even a single farm, and many are defined by the geography or topography of their location. Some towns and cities, rather amusingly, have names that sound very mundane in their own language but are a naughty word when translated!

As a world traveler, no doubt you've been to plenty of cities and towns - and as a cultured person, you'll recognize many more. But how many do you know that start exclusively with the letter P? Take this quiz to prove yourself the most expert in all places P!

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