Quiz: Can You Ace This History IQ Drill?
Can You Ace This History IQ Drill?
By: John Miller
Image: Nicolas Gosse

About This Quiz

“This is a war to end all wars.” That was what United States President Woodrow Wilson said as American troops headed to Europe for World War I. In hindsight, of course, Wilson was a bit naïve. Did you know that Wilson won the Americans in part because he promised to keep his soldiers out of the messy conflict? Dive into the trenches of this impossibly tough world history quiz!

Long before the United States was even a twinkle in George Washington’s eye, other nations conceived of — and built — democratic institutions. Those ideals still affect Western society today. What do you know about the development of personal liberties and independence in our world?

As politics morphed, so too did human technologies. We began with fire and the wheel but created a raft of much more sophisticated inventions that completely altered our societies. The Industrial Revolution sped up those processes as well, making humans more efficient and giving them time to pursue things other than just work. What do you know about the most important inventions and machines in our history?

From wars of religion to digital magic to scientific advances that would have been unimaginable just decades ago, our shared history is a dramatic and fascinating one. Take this crazy-hard history quiz now!

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