Quiz: Only a Certified Genius Can Score Higher Than 20/25 on This General Knowledge Quiz
Only a Certified Genius Can Score Higher Than 20/25 on This General Knowledge Quiz
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you are a master of trivia and have a broad understanding of general knowledge? There's so much to know out there. From math to sciences to history to the arts, there is almost endless knowledge to grasp. You can even have a global take on topics, a regional one, or even more local. Regardless of the approach you take to knowledge, there are numerous different kinds of expertise that one can have, learn and utilize.  

While some people take an interest in only one topic and take on the challenging task of learning it inside and out, that's not always for everyone. There's a lot to be said for knowing a little about a lot of things. You can get far on a wide breadth of knowledge that covers many many topics. There is also so much to learn about in general that it can make it hard for true lovers of knowledge to focus on just one niche or topic forever. Having diverse knowledge and a diverse skill set is a lot of fun and very very useful. 

If you are a knowledge lover who has a fun fact for every situation, give your mind a stretch with this quiz! 

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