Quiz: Only a Coal Miner Will Know the Meaning of All These Words
Only a Coal Miner Will Know the Meaning of All These Words
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. Along with oil and natural gas, coal is one of the most energy-packed sources of fuel in the world, keeping power plants running at high speed. In this black-smeared quiz, you'll get to demonstrate how much you really know about coal mining terms.

Coal mining laborers and their supervisors have an extensive list of terms -- official and otherwise -- that they use to share information on the job. Who else would really know about "pillar robbing" and "roof fall"? How about "secondary roof" and "shortwall"? 

Take the manway to the drift mouth and see if there are any issues with the air course! Otherwise, there might be heck to pay with MSHA. And while you're up there, check out the nip and the jackleg that malfunctioned yesterday. Do you know what any of these sentences really mean in the coal mining world?

Let's find out about your stripping ratio from your tail section. Dig in the undercut of this fascinating coal mining term quiz now!

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