Quiz: Only a Culinary Genius Can Get 100% on This Food Spelling Test
Only a Culinary Genius Can Get 100% on This Food Spelling Test
By: Stella Alexander
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About This Quiz

We want ALL the food! When we're eating our favorite meal or snacking on a sweet treat, we'd all like to consider ourselves a "foodie." Sure, you might love food, but so do a lot of people! With all of the delicious foods from around the world, only a culinary genius could master their spelling. Can you?

When you think about all the delicious meals you've had and have yet to have, the last thing on your mind is how to spell them, but not today! This quiz is for the culinary geniuses out there. While you're enjoying pastas, cheeses, and liquors, we want to know if you can actually spell them!

Thinking of the culinary world, you won't only be stuck trying to master the correct English spelling. The amazing thing about cuisine is that ingredients and dishes are adopted from all over the world. Although originating in France, you've probably enjoyed a quiche or, if your palette is a bit more refined, duck confit. While you may never set foot in Italy, we're sure you've either had a macchiato or the sweet-tasting tiramisu. 

With all these delicious domestic and international treats, can you master the spelling of them all? While you've been too busy eating them, the culinary geniuses have also been paying attention to the spelling. Are you one of them?

Can you stop eating biscotti long enough to spell it? Forks and knives at the ready!

Dig in!

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