Quiz: Only a Fashion Expert Can Get 31/35 on This Quiz
Only a Fashion Expert Can Get 31/35 on This Quiz
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Think you know the fashion world inside out? The world of fashion is glamorous, innovative and influential. Many of the things we wear every day began on a New York City or Paris runway in an exaggerated form. People flock to major fashion capitals around the world to see what's new and interesting. In fact, around the world over the years, many cities have evolved as major centers of fashion innovation - like Tokyo, Japan, for example. 

From the absurdly expensive to DIY looks, from glam to grunge, fashion is diverse and draws on countless cultural and countercultural influences. Fashion can take us back or forward in time in an instant. Some of the most iconic fashion ideas of all time began as inexpensive ways for angry teens in major cities to rebel. Just as fashion influences people, people also have a large influence on fashion. From the street fashion of Harajuku to the iconic couture looks produced by Alexander McQueen, fashion is truly an art form where anything goes.  

If you are a fashion lover who knows an iconic look from a style faux pas, and you have trouble deciding who your favorite designer is, then see if you can conquer this quiz! 

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