Quiz: Only a Genius Can Ace This Geography Quiz with All "S" Answers
Only a Genius Can Ace This Geography Quiz with All "S" Answers
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Geography is the study of our world. It means learning about how the physical planet that we live on - with its perfectly calibrated atmosphere, its rolling hills, soaring peaks, deep canyons, winding rivers and fertile plains, and its shockingly large amount of completely unusable water - interacts with the humans crawling all over its surface. Geography isn't just about the physical world or about the demographics of our civilizations and our cities. It's about how the two affect one another and guide the progress of humanity in certain directions. It's about understanding the way that the HOW and the WHAT of this blue planet of ours impacts the WHO and the WHY.

No one can be an expert in all 196 nations or all of our many seas and oceans - which is why we've very helpfully limited this quiz to just the geographical facts and figures that begin with the letter S. We'll ask you about settlements, populations, weather, climate, and more. Only someone who is either very well-traveled, a hardcore bookworm, or a lifelong devotee of National Geographic channel stands a chance! Let's see whether that's you - or whether you're effectively lost in your own home!

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