Quiz: Only a Genius Can Identify the Plurals of These Words!
Only a Genius Can Identify the Plurals of These Words!
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Do you spend your time on the internet frustrated by the number of people who not only can't spell, but who also use plural words incorrectly? Do you pride yourself on your knowledge of not only standard plurals, but irregular plurals, too? If these statements describe you, then you just might be the genius we're looking for. We dare you to take this quiz and get all 35 questions right.

Hey, we empathize with you. People who don't use plurals correctly drive us crazy, too. But, c'mon, some of these words are downright tricky. The problem with plurals is that we just can't add an "s" to the end of every word and call it a day. The reality is that words that have Latin, Greek, and Old English roots retain their original root-age, so to speak, which means that we have to respect the roots to form the plurals. So, the plural of antenna is antennae, and the plural of fungus is fungi. But plurals aren't all doom and gloom. Toyota, the makers of the Prius, recently decided that the plural of the iconic car is "Prii." So, if you have more than one Prius, you have Prii. Digest that one for a while.

Do you have what it takes to ace this quiz?

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