Quiz: Can You Burn Rubber Through This '50s Car Quiz!
Can You Burn Rubber Through This '50s Car Quiz!
By: Steven Symes
Image: Cartype

About This Quiz

Grab a cheeseburger from the carhop and fire up the turbine engine in your wagon, it's time to dive into 1950s car culture.

With World War II in the the rearview mirror, car culture started to evolve quickly in the 1950s, right along with fashion, food, and music. Some people believe the decade was automotive culture's golden era, with all other time periods paling in comparison. While that may be a matter of opinion, there's no denying that automakers got pretty bold with designs. Large tail fins, lights that looked like something that belonged on an aircraft, huge interiors with white upholstery, and many other trends soared as people once again had hope for the future.

Quite a few vehicles now considered classics came out of the decade, namely the venerable Chevy Corvette. Of course, the car population in general exploded during that time, since economic resources were no longer being directed toward a huge war effort. By some estimates, the vehicle population in the United States almost tripled from the beginning of the 1950s to the end. That popularity spawned restaurants and movie theaters that were friendly toward cars, reshaping the cultural landscape.

Just how much do you know about 1950s car culture? Take the quiz and find out!

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