Quiz: Can You Ace This Australian History Quiz?
Can You Ace This Australian History Quiz?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

This island continent, which is situated in the geographical region of Oceania is referred to Sahul, Australinea, and Meganesia. It is part of the Indo-Australian plate, one of the Earth’s oldest landmasses, as well as the smallest of the seven continents. In addition to the mainland, the region is also composed of Tasmania, New Guinea, New Britain and several small neighboring islands.

Europeans made contact with the continent as early as 1606, but colonization didn’t take place until 1788. Prior to this, the continent was inhabited by the indigenous people, who were believed to have migrated there between 30,000 and 50,000 years ago. These people are categorized into two main groups; the Aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islander people. Much of their population was drastically declined due to conflict with the British and lack of immunity to their diseases.

Today, Australia experiences a generally positive economy, much of its income is generated from its natural resources. Tourism is also another major economic factor, as millions of people every year are drawn to the country for various reasons – whether it be its beaches, coral reefs, or the unique biodiversity of the region. But a place is nothing without its history and today, we want to see how much you know about Australia's humble beginnings.

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