Quiz: Only a True Carnivore Can Answer All These Questions About Meat
Only a True Carnivore Can Answer All These Questions About Meat
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

It's definitely not broccoli. Meat, glorious, charred and delicious meat, is one of humankind's oldest and most basic foods. In earlier times, people set traps and used spears, or whatever other tools were handy, in order to bring down wild game. Then, they'd cook that meat over a fire or preserve it. These days, the meat industry is booming all around the world, feeding the billions of hungry folks each year. But what do you really know about meat?

For starters, there are many types of meat. Humans have been known to devour almost any animal that crawls, flies or swims too slowly to escape our clutches, but we've developed a preference for the domesticated kinds. Beef, pork and chicken all rule the meat department. Do you know which animals produce which cuts?

Meats come and go in popularity. Where one generation prefers beef, a new age wants something else. Can you name some of the most famous types of meats?

Not all meats are created equal. Some are better in terms of nutritional value and others are linked to potential health issues. 

Grab a knife and dig into this meaty quiz! We'll find out if you're a true carnivore or just a walking vegetable.

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