Quiz: Only a True History Buff Can Pass This German History Quiz
Only a True History Buff Can Pass This German History Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

It started as an empire with the blessing of Pope Leo III and then underwent countless transformations until it finally became what we now know as Germany. It’s a nation that’s been everything from impoverished to utterly dominant in world affairs. Do you think you know enough about Germany to master our history quiz?

Thanks in part to its geographical location on the continent, Germany has long been central to European affairs, in everything from politics to culture to religion. It was ground zero of a split that occurred in one of the world’s biggest religions – do you know the history of that rosary-rattling event that changed church forever for millions?

Germany was certainly not always called by its current moniker. Throughout its history the area has been labeled with various names. Do you think you know the former names of this large and populous location?

Sandwiched between other powerful countries, strife has often been a part of life in Germany. How much do you know about the wars that have bloodied Germany, time and again, and do you know the ultimate outcomes?

Take our Germany history quiz and see if you really understand the facts and fictions of this colorful nation!

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