Quiz: Can You Get A Perfect Score On This I Love Lucy Quiz?
Can You Get A Perfect Score On This I Love Lucy Quiz?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: CBS

About This Quiz

Everybody truly loved Lucy and her wacky adventures!

The Ricardos were one of the funniest families on television and always found themselves in crazy situations. The world was treated to a comedic glimpse into the life of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball's marriage every week. Fans of the show watched as Lucy Ricardo and Lucille Ball both gave birth on the same night. They also watched as both of the families grew older.

Do you know how Lucy revealed her pregnancy to Ricky? What about which stars made appearances throughout the show? Do you know the names of the Ricardos' best friends and neighbors? Do you know where the Ricardos and their friends went on trips throughout the series? The Ricardos were always up to something, whether it be something as small as a bet or trips around the world!

Do you know where Ricky's family was from? Can you name the superhero that made an appearance? Do you know the history of the Ricardos? 

For a decade, "I Love Lucy" brought laughs to living rooms across the country. It continues to entertain today's fans as well. So if you think you know the life of the Ricardos, take the quiz to see your score! 

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Is it true or false that Ricky was played by Lucy's real-life husband?
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Where did Lucy and Ethel work for a day in "Job Switching"?
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What is the name of the product for which Lucy shoots a commercial in "Lucy Does A TV Commercial"?
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What song did Lucy request in the episode, "Lucy Is Enceinte"?
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What did Lucy and Ethel make in the episode "Pioneer Women"?
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What superhero made a cameo on the show?
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What did Lucy lose during the episode "Building a Bar-B-Q"?
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Is it true or false that the show was filmed in front of a live audience?
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Which of the following actors never guest starred on the show?
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What was the name of the movie for which Lucy was chosen in "Lucy's Italian Movie"?
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Why did Lucy go to the hospital in the episode "Lucy Goes to the Hospital"?
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Who was sat next to Lucy in a restaurant in Los Angeles?
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True or false: Lucy and Desi's real son appeared in the show.
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After the birth of Little Ricky, what did Ricky hire?
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Who makes a cameo in a two-part episode?
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Which of the following stars made a cameo in the show?
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What was Madame X wanted for?
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What did Lucy try to sell in the episode, "The Million-Dollar Idea"?
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After moving to the country, what did Lucy and Ricky try to raise?
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What pet did Little Ricky get in the show?
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What did Lucy get stuck on her head in one episode?
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When Ricky decided to leave performing, what did he decide to do with Lucy, Ethel, and Fred?
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In which famous person's house do Lucy and Ethel find themselves?
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Where is Ethel's hometown?
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Where in Europe was Lucy on Little Ricky's birthday?
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What instrument did Little Ricky learn how to play?
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Is it true or false that the show never had a Christmas episode?
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What mountain range did Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel climb?
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Where is Ricky's family from?
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What hobby did Lucy take up in the episode, "The Séance"?
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Where were Lucy and Ethel heading when they hitchhiked?
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