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While a lot of people attempt to avoid liquid foundations, they are actually applied more evenly, and the flat, tapered brush helps with the application of liquid foundations as the base of your entire makeup kit.

It might be odd to think about, but nail polish does have a patent. The first patented nail polish color was a pale or faint pink color. These days, there are thousands of colors to choose from.

Makeup wasn't always a way to bring out your natural beauty or to make a statement. In the Roman era, men used makeup to show where they landed on the social hierarchy; more specifically, they used lip pigments.

A stippling brush is the best tool to use when stippling. This brush has hairs that are two different lengths. This helps spread the makeup throughout the skin, even in very porous areas.

Eyeshadow can be a very scary thing when you aren't sure how to blend. Luckily, various tools can help you. When it comes to choosing the right eyeshadow color, you have to first think about the color and shape of your eyes.

Kabuki brushes are fat brushes with coarse bristles (or fibers). These brushes are meant to add your setting veils or other mineral makeups to help give you a finished matte look with your makeup.

In this question, we are just asking about the makeup industry. If you include the entire beauty industry (makeup, hair care, skin care and perfume) you are looking at upwards of $100 billion.

While worldwide there are 1,300 ingredients banned from makeup, if your makeup is manufactured or distributed in the United States, there are only 11 banned ingredients (yes, you read that correctly).

The silicone blender wasn't a trendy thing 15 years ago, but since beauty bloggers have been going nuts with them, so have beauty enthusiasts. They help you apply your foundation and blend your products seamlessly.

If you're a beauty-product enthusiast, you probably know what the fan brush is used for. However, if you aren't sure, it does help blend various areas, and it's perfect for applying your highlighter.

Don't get jealous when you see people with unchipped nails. It can be difficult for people to keep their nails in good shape, but if you use gel nail polish, you might have a better chance of keeping your color longer.

When you boil it down to its essence, all makeup is mineral makeup, because all makeup is made by minerals. However, when the mineral makeup kits first hit the shelves, people were in love with how easy it was to apply and blend.

Setting veil is also known as setting powder or translucent powder. If you are worried about makeup smudges, your makeup being too shiny or your facial oils secreting, using setting veil can help with all of these things.

If you exfoliate and moisturize your lips before you apply lipstick, you avoid cracking and chipping of your pigments. These steps help keep your lips healthy and give them a more puffy look. Here's a handy tip: Exfoliate them with a toothbrush and lip balm.

We absolutely do not recommend you use coal or charcoal as any form of makeup. It can make you blind, and it is flammable ... And not to mention how bad it smells (not that people in the Elizabethan era cared about smells).

Using short and fast strokes helps you keep the textured look for your eyebrows while it gives you a thicker and fuller look to your browline. This is an excellent technique to help you ensure you keep a natural look as well.

This stiff brush is perfect for making exact brush strokes along the curve of your eyes. It can help you blend, smudge and contour your eye makeup to make it look seamless and flawless.

Always begin with your transition color; this is the color that generally ends up around the crease of your eyes. This will help you blend all of the colors together as you apply them.

You can buy an eye primer, or you can use your primer to give your eyelids a more even look and avoid getting oils mixed in with your eyeshadow. Additionally, it makes a great canvas for your colors.

Eyeliner brushes are the skinny short-bristled brushes that look almost like pencils. They help you make accurate strokes with liquid or gel eyeliner products. They are easy to handle and don't hold too much product.

Applying a clear lip gloss after your lipstick has dried will give it a nice barrier as well as a nice shine. This works especially well if you choose to use a light shade of lipstick or a nude color.

If you've ever opened up a tube of mascara, you have seen a spoolie. While some beauticians call them mascara wands, they can go by either name. They are necessary for applying even amounts of mascara.

If you wear makeup every day, it's important to wash it off when your day is over with. If you're having a long day and you need to apply additional makeup, be sure to remove every last trace of it before you go to bed, because it can clog your pores.

Foundation brushes work best when they are a little softened, so the best thing to do is to dip it in warm water before you start applying the makeup. If you are prone to overheating, consider dipping it in cool water (just not too cold).

That's right, to get your shiny appearance, the majority of shimmery lip products are not vegan. Fish scales are a popular ingredient when it comes to creating glowing products.

For a more natural look, you can pat a little bit of lip color on your lips and smudge it around. This technique gives you just a hint of artificial color while your natural lip color and shape still comes through.

Many makeup lovers think that setting spray is optional. However, for those who want to make sure their makeup stays right where it is, this product is essential. It also helps you avoid smudging and smearing.

Women have two areas that need the most attention on their face: the T-zone and the U-zone. These areas create a map that shows you where you should pay the most attention during different steps in the beauty process.

The blush brush is shaped very much like a foundation brush or a powder brush, except it's a little shorter. This brush is the perfect size and shape to apply any blush you might add to your makeup kit.

In the 1990s, thin eyebrows were terrific, but these days, you actually want something above your eyes. Brow gel was specifically created to give your eyebrows a fuller look without the fear that it will smudge or smear.

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent solution for short, thin eyebrows. They help your eyebrows look longer in a more natural way than mascara or even false lashes can, and they aren't too expensive.

If you apply highlighter next to your nose, it might make it look a little bigger, which is fine if that's what you're going for. But the best place to put highlighter is above your cheeks and the inner corners of your eyes.

Just a touch of darker foundation or powder can help your nose look a little smaller. You don't have to go all out and get a shade at the opposite end of the spectrum, but maybe one or two shakes deeper will work.

By creating a row of dots that you can connect, you are basically giving yourself an outline of where to draw. This helps you apply the eyeliner in a seamless fashion without major mistakes.

Concealer can be used for many things; among them is hiding those dark circles under your eyes if you've had a long night or you simply always have them. This is one of the best tools to use before applying foundation.

Never stop blending your eyeshadow. With every color of eyeshadow that you add to your eyes, make sure you blend it with the previous color.

When using a lighter shade of lipstick (for example, nude lipsticks or light pinks), you should always apply a little bit of concealer first. This will help the actual color of the lipstick you've chosen to stand out.

Use a spoolie (mascara wand) if you don't have an eyebrow brush or comb. Before you even attempt to go near your eyebrows with a pigment, make sure that they are brushed, otherwise you're in for disaster.

Lipstick does come in a liquid form. You can apply it with a wand that comes with the product or you can use a brush to apply it as well. Liquid lipsticks generally have a deeper color that lasts longer.

French-tip nails are a great way to show elegance as well as class. They aren't too much, and they look very professional. Many people are adding tiny embellishments to French tips as a current style choice.

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