Quiz: Only a True Master of History Can Pass This Ultimate World History Quiz!
Only a True Master of History Can Pass This Ultimate World History Quiz!
By: Becky
Image: wikimedia Central Photographic Agency (CAF) in Warsaw

About This Quiz

Think you're an ace history buff? Take this quiz to find out.

Whether you've traveled the world or just boned up on your world history at home in front of your computer, you clicked on this quiz because you think you can hang with the other history buffs on the interwebs. Well, saddle up ... do we have a quiz for you.

World history began ... well, when the world did, but we're not going back that far. Yeah, all that primordial ooze and stuff, we consider science. But we do expect you to know a bit about ancient dynasties, religions and trade. We also suggest that you study up some on the wars of history. Oh yeah, make sure you know your historical figures as well. If you're not sure if you know these things well enough, go do some reading before you take this quiz.

So, do you know who led Germany during World War II, what Roman Emperor was assassinated on the steps of the senate and what war started in 1955? If you said Adolph Hitler, Julius Caesar and the Vietnam War, you might just be ready to show your history stripes.

But, if you think you're smart enough to ace this quiz, let's get started.

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