Quiz: Only a True Sailor Can Pass This Quiz about the Navy!
Only a True Sailor Can Pass This Quiz about the Navy!
By: John Miller
Image: Stocktrek Images/ Stocktrek Images/gettyimages

About This Quiz

There are five branches comprising the United States Armed Forces, and in that bunch, the Navy is the master of the seas. Without the Navy, America would have a much smaller global presence and a massively reduced sphere of influence. But thanks to the Navy – which is the biggest in the world – the U.S. projects military might in every hemisphere. In this shark-infested quiz, show us what do you really know about the U.S. Navy.

The Navy has very old roots and has played a role in all of America’s armed conflicts. But strangely, for a while, the nation decided to do without any sort of warships at all. What do you recall about the up-and-down history of these seafaring warriors?

What began as a tiny (almost pointless) fleet eventually bloomed into a truly powerful force. During World War II, the Navy grew to particularly impressive size. The ships that fought at the Philippines and Pearl Harbor are now iconic.

From frigates to aircraft carriers to submarines, the Navy is a wonderland of iron and might. Take this U.S. Navy quiz now!

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