Quiz: Only a WWII History Buff Can Identify These Guns and Helmets from the War. Can You?
Only a WWII History Buff Can Identify These Guns and Helmets from the War. Can You?
By: Staff Author
Image: Bukvoed & Askild Antonsen & Armémuseum via Wiki Commons/Pexels

About This Quiz

The Second World War was a conflict unlike any the world had ever seen. It completely eclipsed even the Great War, a name that would itself shrink into history when faced with the enormity of its successor. But beyond being a clash of nations or ideologies, it was foremost a war of human beings. In their attempt to triumph in this world-encompassing war, humans deployed some of the most extraordinary and fiendish instruments of destruction yet imagined. Here you will find a few of them, either weapons they bore into ferocious battle or artifacts with which they girded themselves to face the nightmare conflicts before them.

How much do you know about these pieces of military equipment? Pistols, machine guns, helmets, carbines, sniper rifles, they're all here.  Can you tell the difference between a pith helmet and a stahlhelm? A Luger and a Colt 1911? Don't worry, we have hints to act as a map to lead you through these mine fields. But be warned, this still won't be easy: you need a true mastery of WW2 arms and armor if you're to survive *this* quiz. Are you a field marshal or a humble GI? Show us if you've got the right stuff and see if you can identify these items from WWII!

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