Quiz: Can You Get 30/35 on This Sixteen Candles Movie Quiz?
Can You Get 30/35 on This Sixteen Candles Movie Quiz?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Universal Pictures

About This Quiz

It was a Sweet Sixteen to remember, but not for all the reasons for which it should have been memorable! Sam's special day started out rough for her and didn't get much better. She was faced with countless problems and dilemmas that never seemed to end. What was your Sweet Sixteen like?

Do you remember what Sam's family forgot at the beginning of the movie? Do you know who Long Duk Dong is? Can you name the person who was getting married? Knowledge of the events in the movie will help you to ace this quiz!

How well do you know the characters in the movie? Do you know who had a crush on Jake? How about who Sam was forced to take with her to the school dance? What about the name of Sam's best friend? Did you know that Sara, who plays Sam's little sister, only had one line?

The movie also had a few secrets. For example, there was a scene that is only shown when the movie is played on television. It's a short scene that takes place in the cafeteria.

"Sixteen Candles" is a movie that won over the hearts of the millions of people who grew up with it. So, if you think you know the movie, take the quiz to see if you know how Sam gets her birthday wish!

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Who picked up the note that Sam tried to pass to Randy in class?
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Where was the after-party for the dance held?
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Is it true or false that Sam was saving herself for Ted?
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After Randy got off the bus, who approached Sam?
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Who was staying with the Bakers for Ginny's wedding?
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Who was living with the Baker grandparents?
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Who was Jake's girlfriend?
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Is it true or false that Sam refused to be Ginny's bridesmaid?
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What did Ginny think when Sam told her that she thought that she was in love?
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At the beginning of the movie, who did Sara accuse of hitting her?
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Who tried to impress Sam at the dance?
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After making a bet with his friends, what did Ted have to get to prove that he and Sam were together?
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Is it true or false that Long Duk Dong found a date at the dance?
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Who was getting married in the movie?
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Who questioned Ted about Sam after they saw him talking to her?
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Which character had a birthday on the day in which the movie began?
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Who went to the dance with Sam?
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Is it true or false that Ted got Sam's underwear?
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What did Jake and Sam do after Sam skipped the wedding reception?
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Where did Sam go to try to get away from Ted?
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Who answered the phone at Sam's house when Jake called?
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Is it true or false that Sam's parents eventually remembered her birthday?
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Who was under Jake's table?
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What did Caroline try to feed Ted while they were driving?
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What role did Sam have in Ginny's wedding?
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Is it true or false that Ted and Jake made a deal with each other after the party?
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What did Ted have his friends do to prove that he was with a girl?
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Is it true or false that Ginny was high on her wedding day?
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Who was lost when Ginny's wedding day came?
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