Quiz: You May Be an Anglophile If You Can Name All of These British Cultural Symbols!
You May Be an Anglophile If You Can Name All of These British Cultural Symbols!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

The United Kingdom has only been fully united for 300 years, but its shared history goes back 5,000 years to when civilization on the British Isles was centered around Stonehenge. That's an awfully long time for a shared cultural tradition to emerge - and while tradition is important to the British mindset, the idea of what counts as a tradition has always been very flexible. When new cultures arrive, they are initially treated with some suspicion and then their contributions are absorbed into the wider traditions and appreciated. From food to clothing to architecture to dance, Britain is a mishmash of ideas from all over the world, synthesized into something that is specifically its own.

How well do you recognize these symbols? Can you tell Nelson's Column apart from Cleopatra's Needle? Do you know a bacon butty when you see one? How about identifying the most popular dish in the United Kingdom, or labeling the most famous statue in the North? Even native Brits don't always remember all our national traditions, but anyone who wants to call themselves an expert on British culture will certainly be able to identify most of these. Click on through and let's see how you do!

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