Quiz: Only an Expert Can Name All of These Jeep Models from an Image. Can You?
Only an Expert Can Name All of These Jeep Models from an Image. Can You?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

We are sure you would agree, Jeep is a brand that is synonymous with producing some of the best off-road vehicles that money can by. And they are luxurious, too!

Of course, luxury was not on anyone's mind when the first Willys MB Jeeps rolled into action during World War II. Legend says that the nickname Jeep was given as they were seen as "general purpose vehicles." The name stuck and the rest is history.

After the war, models for civilian use quickly entered the car market and so began the legend of the Jeep! Over the years, we have seen many different models, each with their own unique charm and a variety of interesting names. How about a Jeep named after a group of men that fought to the death as entertainment in Rome. Or keeping with that theme, one model was named after a river in Italy said to have been crossed by Julius Caesar. Others are named after birds while some don't get a fancy name, just a set of numbers. No matter what name a Jeep is associated with, you can rest assured each vehicle can do what you need off-road and provide you with a luxurious ride in the city.

Now let's see how you fare in trying to identify these Jeep models from a single image!

Good Luck!

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